Here an overview of the small fairies I made through the years.

All these fairies are unique and handmade, they have been sculpted with a lot of love and care. These ooak fairies would be around 24 cm when standing. I use polymer clay like Fimo, Prosculpt or Living Doll Light. No molds have been used, I start with a lump of clay and start sculpting it around a frame. Every fairy has its own caracter and soul.

I use mohair for the hair. The clothes are made of silk or they’re sculpted out of clay. The wings are unique as well, I try different techniques every time. No hole glass beads, semiprecious stones and swarovski crystals are used for decoration. The eyes are painted with Genesis heat set paints.

7 December 2013
Nadia elfje


23 May 2013
Adriana elfje


19 February 2013
Ella Asra elfje

Ella Asra

19 February 2013
Ella Luna elfje

Ella Luna

19 February 2013
Ella Helena elfje

Ella Helena

19 February 2013

Ella Mira

19 February 2013
Naomi elfje


19 February 2013
Kiki elfje


19 February 2013
Defney elfje


19 February 2013
Ruby elfje