With Iris I won the doll ring award at the international doll and bear show at 'Ahoy Rotterdam in October 2008. The doll ring award is a prestigeous international award for doll artists. Many doll artists like Joke Grobben, Nel Groothedde, Hannie Sarris, Diane Guelinckx, Kim van de Wetering, Marijke van Ooijen en Claudine Roelens won this award the years before.
The same year, my fairy Nightwish got Second place in the Fairy Fantasy Forum Challenge 2008. This fairy was especially made for this competition that had the theme “Night creatures”.


Untill I was 18 I took drawing classes at Wednesday and Saturday afternoon. Later on, I also took classes in jewelry design, photography, sculpting and glass blowing. But my biggest passion remains sculpting fairies.
I sculpt fairies because they are so feminine and illusive. I love to put their vulnerability and serenity in my designs.Their wings are a symbol of freedom, which is very important to me. Every fairy is an outer expression of an inner vision and the moonlight is my main source of inspiration. My work is caracterized by its soft earth tones and white colours.